Make Restaurant Marketing Work for You This Holiday Season

Restaurant Marketing for the Holiday Season

Is your restaurant ready for the holiday season? There’s a lot more to it than hiring some extra staff and adding a few holiday decorations to have a successful 4th quarter. Many restaurants are eager to dip their toe into restaurant marketing during the holidays if they haven’t done so already. Here are some helpful tips to make restaurant marketing work for you.

Know what makes your restaurant successful & build on it. Are you the best steakhouse in town? Is your dessert menu better than anyone else’s? What keeps people coming in the door and what makes them recommend your restaurant to their friends and family? Check popular review sites like to see if reviews have been left about your restaurant. Try asking some of your “regulars” also “What’s your favorite thing about our restaurant?” You may already know what they will say – or what they do say may surprise you. But knowing what makes you successful & building on it is one of the top ways to put restaurant marketing to work for you. This is called “building your brand.”

Understand how to work with the media to promote your restaurant. Wonder why some restaurants have a two month wait for a reservation or a line out the door, and other great restaurants just never seem to catch on? Sometimes these restaurants have gotten media attention – and this goes a long way. Remember that you have absolutely no control over what happens with a restaurant review. But there is a lot that you can do to develop a relationship with the local media to get them to come check you out. Send out a press release or call when you’ve made changes to your menu. Study their publication and see what articles they publish. If they do profiles of local business owners, ask if they would be interested in interviewing a restaurant owner and explain what would make you (restaurant owner) someone that the community would be interested in learning more about. If you are doing something to help your community, this is a great way to get known in local media. Continue reading

How a Good Looking Menu Can Bring in More Customers to Your Restaurant

It is the goal of every restaurateur to bring in more customers and have them continue to return time after time. There are several marketing tools that you can use to attempt to attract more customers, but did you know that creating an attractive and interesting menu can do a lot of the work for you? Taking the time to design a menu that will keep your patrons coming back for more and recommending you to their friends can help you build a profit and should be considered as you think about building your brand. Read on for some tips and suggestions for how to create a menu that will benefit you.

Interest Grabbing

Instead of simply listing each and every dish that you offer on your menu, you can create more interest by featuring some of your most popular dishes. A well-designed menu typically includes photos of some of the best dishes that you offer, which can quickly grab the interest of your customers. If you choose to feature your most profitable dishes, you will increase the likelihood that they will order that particular dish, which can end up making you more money. And don’t forget the all-important menu cover, as this is the first impression people will get of your menu. Continue reading

Five Tips for Using Fresh Herbs in Your Restaurant

Do you enjoy cooking fun, creative foods in your professional kitchen? Are you looking for new menu ideas? Cooking with fresh herbs can be a great way to add variety and wholesome nutrition to your restaurant offerings. These five tips will help you get started with the adventure of using fresh herbs that can be grown right at your own restaurant.


1. Start Small

You’ve been using those familiar jars and bottles of dried herbs for many years. Cooking with fresh herbs instead may seem unusual or intimidating. There’s no need to worry! You can start by trying a single herb that you’re already familiar with. Do you love putting dried oregano in your restaurant’s special pasta or pizza sauce? Add a sprig of fresh oregano instead. Do you have a favorite garlic bread recipe with garlic powder? Try using a clove of fresh garlic. As you start to experiment with fresh herbs, you’ll feel comfortable adding them to more and more dishes.


2. Maximize Herb Longevity

If you take care of your fresh herbs and prepare them carefully, they’ll give you the maximum flavor for your money. As soon as you bring them to the kitchen, you can take them out of their plastic bags or clamshell containers. Remove all twist ties and rubber bands, which may damage and bruise the tender herbs. If you’re not planning to use the herbs right away, you can cut off the ends of the stems and place them in a jar of water, just as you’d do with flowers. Herbs are best kept this way at room temperature until it’s time to cook with them. Try not to leave them in plastic (or in the refrigerator) for more than a few hours. Continue reading